Portrait of Sandrine, new tattoo artist at La Bête Humaine

La Bête Humaine is expanding with the arrival of a versatile and passionate new artist: Sandrine. Her journey, from jewelry to dermographs!

Sandrine, a hidden gem

Sandrine’s story is one of transformation. She embarked on an extensive training at the Arts of Jewelry and Gemstone workshop at the École Boulle, located at the Nicolas Flamel site in Paris. There, she mastered jewelry-making techniques, delving into gemology, prototyping, fabrication, and setting.

This comprehensive training served her well during the 15 years she spent working in jewelry, over a decade honing the precision and meticulousness that now reflect in her tattoos.


A first tattoo… in a special place

Sandrine discovered tattooing in her 30s, and her first tattoo was done at La Bête Humaine; it seemed like destiny.

Intrigued by both the art and the experience, this jewelry expert saw tattooing as a new medium for artistic expression. Determined to learn intensively, she trained for four years on synthetic skins, achieving such success that these practice skins were displayed on our walls during the housewarming of our studio on rue Pierre Chausson in 2022!


A cabinet of curiosities on skin: naturalia, artificialia, scientifica, exotica

In the early weeks of 2024, Sandrine officially joined our team. « It’s the family atmosphere that attracted me, » she confided during this portrait interview (without, we promise, any coercion to flatter us).

A junior tattoo artist, this enthusiast of video games, linocuts, illumination, calligraphy, and gouache has since applied her craft to real skin with impressive dedication and precision.

To describe her style, Sandrine likes the term « cabinet of curiosities »; a homage to those rooms or cabinets where rare and unusual objects are displayed. On the skin of the women and men already tattooed by the artist, you’ll find insects, small flowers, skulls, shells, and other wonders.

« I have mainly tattooed in black and gray but I am open to all color proposals, » notes the newcomer.


Sandrine’s inspirations, past and present

Sandrine draws inspiration from masters of the past and present. Among the deceased, she admires Albrecht Dürer, Salvador Dalí, Bernini, and Leonardo da Vinci; among the living, she praises the hyperrealistic work of German tattoo artist Ralf Nonnweiler.

And with us? Also a fan of realistic portraits, Sandrine hopes to one day collaborate with Moka, one of our experts in the field. A four-handed creation that promises to be amazing!


How to get tattooed by Sandrine?

Getting tattooed by Sandrine is simple!

Send her an email at sannetatouage@gmail.com detailing your project as much as possible:

  • Design
  • Style
  • Placement
  • Size

Sandrine (or our manager Satomi) will get back to you to schedule an appointment at La Bête Humaine. Together, you will lay the foundation of the project. Sandrine will then create the final drawing and send it to you for approval. Once the project is validated, you’re ready to get inked!

Need inspiration? Sandrine also offers a series of flash designs on her Instagram account!


Practical information about La Bête Humaine

Want to meet Sandrine or discuss your project with any member of our team? La Bête Humaine is open every day (except Sunday) from 10 am to 7 pm!