Rose tattoo: symbolism and ideas

A flower of the rosebush characterized by its many fragrant petals, the rose has sequentially graced architecture, jewelry, music… and even tattoos.

A flower of the rosebush characterized by its many fragrant petals, the rose has in turn found its way into architecture, jewelry, heraldry, music… and even tattooing. The tattoo studio in Paris, La Bête Humaine, delves into the rich symbolism of the rose tattoo and invites you to explore some creations crafted by our team in the gallery!

A rose tattoo to celebrate one’s spiritual elevation

The rose holds significant symbolism in the West (in the East, its counterpart is the lotus). When it has five petals, the rose represents the spiritual elevation of mankind. It signifies evolution, the transition from the secular state to the sacred. In religious art, especially in churches and cathedrals, the rose embodies silence, contemplation, and the inner peace that precedes the encounter with God.

A design that suits all tattoo styles

Thankfully, one doesn’t need to be a devout believer to wear a rose tattoo – be it old school or new school, realistic or graphic, in black and gray or in color, on the arm or on the back. The rose is also, and especially, one of the foremost symbols of love in literature, poetry, painting, and also in the language of flowers. It embodies both:

  • the depth of feelings, the ardor of passion, the tenderness of affection
  • the pain of love, heartbreak, melancholy (blame the thorns!)

Getting a rose tattoo in Paris

In the mood for a floral tattoo? The tattoo artists at La Bête Humaine welcome you every day (except Sunday) from 10 am to 7 pm – and as fresh as a rose:

And remember: take care of your tattoo to ensure its longevity, because as Theocritus wrote: « The rose is beautiful, and time withers it.«