Couple’s tattoo: 5 questions to make the right choice

Finding marriage or civil partnerships a bit outdated? To express the love you feel for your life partner, consider a couple’s tattoo!

Do you find marriage, civil partnerships, and even living together a bit old-fashioned? To express the love you feel for your life partner, consider getting a couple’s tattoo! La Bête Humaine answers 5 key questions to help you define your project.

Which matching tattoo?

When it comes to tattoos for two, there are two schools of thought:

  • the first: you and your partner decide on an identical tattoo
  • the second: you and your soulmate go for « complementary » tattoos

With the second option, your tattoo stands on its own but will only make complete sense when paired with your partner’s piece. Examples:

  • a key and a lock
  • a bird and a cage
  • a bow and an arrow
  • an avocado and a pit
  • Tom and Jerry

Get the idea?

Which tattoo symbolizes love?

« Symbolically, the couple represents a return to unity, divided during the initial separation that is fundamental to all cosmogonies and all lives« , explains Corinne Morel in her Dictionary of Symbols, Myths, and Beliefs. In the East, the couple also represents « the necessary balance of yin and yang forces« .

Practically speaking, certain motifs are currently popular to depict love on the skin. Among the most favored, we have:

  • the heart
  • the rose
  • the lilac
  • the swan
  • the dove
  • Cupid
  • the color red

Where to place a couple’s tattoo?

Many couples choose to have their shared tattoo in the same body location:

  • on the inner forearm
  • behind the bicep
  • on one side of the ankle
  • on the ring finger to symbolize a wedding ring
  • and so on

For a first tattoo, you can choose a spot that you can both:

  • easily cover with clothing
  • and not easily see to avoid growing tired of it: think back of the thigh, the nape of the neck, etc.

Lastly, avoid the « job stoppers », a term for tattoos that could be career-limiting due to their placement (hands, neck, face…). Especially since, in the event of a breakup, the tattoo might leave a bitter taste…

How to find couple’s tattoo ideas?

One primary reflex: communication with your partner! List what you have in common, the passions that bond you, memories you share, or even jokes that make you both laugh, and share them with your tattoo artist. The artist will then be able to suggest a 100% original design, which you and your loved one can discuss before committing.

You can also check out the « flash » designs offered by your provider if they have them. Tattoo artists’ ethics often mean they won’t redo a flash design that’s already been tattooed on someone else: ensuring the uniqueness of your couple’s tattoo!

Where to get a tattoo for two in Paris?

Whether you’re a couple, a thruple, friends, siblings, or even if it feels like there are several of you inside your head, the tattoo artists at La Bête Humaine welcome you every day (except Sundays) from 10 AM to 7 PM!