Alien tattoo: an ink with acid touch

Since 1979, we’ve known it on the big screen in dark theaters. Now, it’s on skins where the iconic Xenomorph from the Alien saga spills its acid…

Since 1979, we’ve known it on the big screen in dark theaters. Now, it’s on skins that the iconic Xenomorph from the Alien saga spills its acid… Step off the Nostromo and step into our tattoo studio to learn more about the tattoo design that would surely make Ellen Ripley blink twice.

What does the Xenomorph, the creature from the Alien movies, look like?

For over four decades, one of the most famous extraterrestrial creatures has haunted moviegoers and sci-fi enthusiasts alike. In six films and under four directors, the saga has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema, drawing heavily from the imagination of one man: HR Giger. It was this Swiss artist, graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, and designer, who passed away in 2014, that gave us the creature introduced by Ridley Scott in Alien, the Eighth Passenger.

But what does this creature actually look like? Named Xenomorph, it comes from an endoparasitoid alien species. Translation for those of you who haven’t completed your biology thesis yet: this term refers to organisms that develop at the expense of other organisms, called « hosts », which they inevitably kill during or at the end of this development. Fear not: an Alien tattoo stays on your skin and doesn’t risk bursting your chest while emitting high-pitched screams.

Dressed entirely in black, the Alien stands between two and two and a half meters tall, is generally bipedal, and is equipped with a long tail and dorsal appendages. Its skull extends, forming a curve that reaches its spine. In place of a tongue, it sports an appendage capable of smashing any solid material within a reasonable range. Quite the handsome space fellow, although it has some minor aggression management issues.

What are the styles and designs of Alien tattoos?

And as a tattoo? First observation: by its very nature, the Alien creature lends itself particularly well to the biomechanical style, where the industrial and organic seem to harmonize. It’s either tattooed in its entirety, its slender body stretched out over an arm, leg, or back, or the focus is on its head alone, playing with shadows and contrasts to highlight the shimmer of its elongated skull.

Under the needles, the extraterrestrial also appears in realistic, graphic, or even new school styles. And if you’re not a fan of the Xenomorph, you can always go for its egg version or even the facehugger, that arachnid-like form that clings to the faces of its victims

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